Role of Sekishu Washi Center 


Sekishu Washi, represented by "Sekishu Banshi" which has been designated as an important intangible cultural property, had more than 6000 business establishments in the Meiji era, but it has been decreasing year by year, and has now become four. The Sekishu Wachi Center was opened in October 2008. 



●Sekishu Washi Center is the facility to hand down the traditional techniques of hand made paper, and also plans to foster successors as well.

●Sekishu Washi Center provides the facilities and equipments for the production of Sekishu Washi and supports the production activities of remaining Sekishu Washi factories.

●Sekishu Washi Center distributes the information about Sekishu Washi all over the world, and try to promote the wide range of usage of Sekishu Washi. 



Experience and Exhibitions

In the workshop of Sekishu Washi Center, you can experience the whole process of Sekishu Washi making (reservation only). In the exhibition room, various historical materials and products are displayed for your further understanding of Sekishu Washi.




9 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Center is closed on


When a national holiday or a substitute holiday falls on a Monday, the center is open as usual, and closed on the following day instead.

28 December - 4 January (New Year holiday)



Admission Fees