You can experience making traditional handmade paper.

You can bring back washi right after you are done.


Price (tax included)

2 x postcards - 100x148(mm)・thick                550   yen

1 x sheet - A3/297x420(mm)・thin                    1,320 yen

2 x message board - 242x273(mm)・thick            1,650 yen

1 x award paper - A3/297x420(mm)・thick        1,650 yen

※If you want to make papers in different sizes, please contact us.


Time Required

About 30min~1hour (up to 5 people)

The length of time will vary depends on the number of participants.



Please make a reservation in advance.

If your group consists of more than 10 people, please make a reservation two weeks in advance.


Sekishu Washi Hall  TEL:0855-32-4170